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Mastic mixer

Mastic mixers have been produced by BENNINGHOVEN for more than 50 years. Mixers are designed to produce mastic asphalt as part of a mastic plant or for the transportation of hot material - hot charge - direct to site. Optimum reliability in operation and high level technology for the production of quality hot mix material were the design criteria.


Stationary Mastic Mixer type "GAV"
This range is designed for the production and hot storage of mastic asphalt either as part of a specially constructed mixing plant or as part of an asphalt plant. The extremely robust construction utilizes heavy duty wear and heat resistant materials. High efficiency mixing arms and tips ensure good homogenous mixing results. Maximum efficiency heating system can be by gas or oil. Direct hydraulic drive with variable speed facility. Capacities up to a maximum of 75 t are within the Benninghoven range.

Mastic mixers type "GKL 8,4  7,5 m³''
The mastic mixers Type GKL are equipped with horizontal shaft, manufactured to customer requirement in the sizes from 0,8 m³/2 t to 10 m³/24t capacity. The machine is designed to give a totally homogeneous mix of the material during transportation. The design also allows for the introduction of recycled material and addidition of trinidad lake asphalt materials.
Mastic mixers type "GKL''
Mixer type GKL is produced with a horizontal agitator shaft with high usable capacity and low centre of gravity. The powerful operation of the agitator and efficient burner ensure this type of mixer its universal features for the production of mastic asphalt and recycled materials or as mixer/transporter.

Mixer type "GKL 10 m³"
Mixer type gas fired. Light weight design mounted onto an articulated trailer with direct hydraulic agitator drive mechanism
Two Mixer type "GKL 10 m³"
oil fired mounted onto a truck and tandem axle trailer. Both with stainless steel cladding.
Mixer type "GKL 5 m³"
oil fired mounted onto an aluminium articulated trailer. The truck engine is utilised for the supply of the hydraulic
Two Mixer type "GKS''
Mixer Type GKS is produced with a vertical agitator shaft. The shaft bearings are located externally above the mixer to prevent ingress of material. This type mixer developed initially for the transportation of "hot charge" mixes requires a minimum of servicing and maintenance.
Mastic Asphalt Transporter Type "GKS"
Fabricated to customer requirements ranging from 0,5 m³ / 1,2 t bis zu einem Inhalt to 6,25 m³ / 15 t capacity. The short wheel distance makes this machine highly manoeuvrable on restrictive site areas. The vertical shaft mixer has an external bearing mounted above the mixer shaft thereby simplifying service and maintenance.
Two Mixer type "GKS 5,4 & 5 m³''
gas fired mounted onto a truck and tandem axle trailer. Drive assembly with special casing to reduce wind loading and privide anti theft protection.
Two Mixer type "GKS 5 m³"
gas fired with automatic repeat ignition system mounted onto a truck and tandem axle trailer.
Dumper Typ "DU"
The Mini Mixer Type DU is mounted on an extremely manoeuvrable Dumper chassis. The Type KK is designed for mounting on a vehicle or on a single axle trailer. Depending on usage the mixer is available with horizontal or vertical agitator system. Various mixer types with capacities of 1.2 mt up to 3.5 mt usable capacity can be supplied. Hydraulic agitator drive with option for two speed operating is available.

Dumper Type "DU 500"

with hydraulic agitator drive and tilt mechanism. Highly manoeuvrable chassis ideal for limited access applications e.g. car park decks or bridge contructions. The dumper drive is avialable either in hydraustatic or manual type.

Mixer Type "GKS"
mounted onto tandem axle Chassis.

Water and dust proof cabinet
Mastic Asphalt Factory
Design and manufacture for a complete mastic asphalt factory to customer requirements incorporating: cold feed unit, dryer, burner, filtration unit, screen, split hot stone bins, weigh and dosing systems, mixer, mastic stirrer tanks, recycling system, bitumen system and full computer control system to ensure the most stringent mix specifications.
Finisher Paving Screed Typ ''GB''
Spreading width is variable from 1. 5 to 7.5 metres by the addition of screed extensions. Variable speed hydraulic motors control the steering, direction and height of the screed boxes of the machine. By rotating the wheels by 90 degrees allows the screed to be self loading onto transportation. Screed box is gas heated.
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